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15 June, 2012

Catching Up

State Of Origin

When friends, Lovers & Family become enemies!

I felt sorry for my neighbours on Thursday I swear Dave nearly broke our TV on numerous accounts. I always love when our group of friends get together its like a family occasion full of insults! food and gossip! what more could you ask for?

I wasn't really watching the game which I was yelled at many times for ha ha I had a good reason one of my best friends Lindsay just came back from Thailand and I hadn't seen her since My Wedding!! so of course we couldn't stop chatting which made the men go crazy at us for. Even though QLD lost it didn't bother me that much this time I was to happy to be spending time with friends!

Being much younger than Dave when I met him I always admired his strong group of friends that always seemed to be having fun, I use to ask Dave when will I get a close group of friends like yours for life, he use to tell me once your out of school you will meet new people just trust me. He was right like he said I got the greatest friends anyone could ask for they are always there for me its never about who chases who, who calls who we are just all there for each other period! It feels so good to go through all their moments in life and their moments in the future engagements, weddings, new house, renting, babies, travels.. and won't it be special all growing old together no matter where we live cause friends like these never leave!

A few pictures of some of the group, plenty more to come!