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18 June, 2012

Attack of the Surprise Date

What a Lovely day...

Got up bright and early had the strongest coffee ever (I needed it only had 3hrs sleep!)off to my chiropractic appointment I went, so the results were the only downside to my day I'm already in phase 2 of spinal degeneration but the good news is from phase 2 to phase 1 they can be reversed yay! So I had my first ever adjustment. What was weird is the doc asked me to lay in the middle of the bed and I thought yep I'm dead straight suddenly he and my husband started giggling I'm like what's so funny "your so crooked this just proves your spine is so out of whack!" Anywho 15mins late and about a million cringing sounds bam! It was all over! (I'll admit I was scared my hands were all clammy I thought I would be screaming!) now I just have to go back 2 times a week for the next 3 months I hope this works cause my spine and neck is killing me!! It'll be so worth it in the end (think positive!)

After the chiropractor I blind folded Dave cause I had a little surprise Install for him I spent all yesterday planning my attack of the surprise date! I drove him to my work (last night I had spent like 20mins carrying his 1 tonne golf clubs and squeezing them into my boot! Nightmare haha) I left him in the car (don't worry I left a window down!)got the code for golf balls to take to the driving range got over to the other side of the resort, took the blind fold off and SURPRISE! And what came out of Dave's mouth... How do I play golf in thongs?? FUCKKKKKKK I forgot to tell him appropriate attire so yep we had to drive all the way home and back again but nonetheless I think he loved just having a hit! The day was beautiful sun was shinning not a cloud in the sky or a soul on the driving range utter bliss! Afterwards I took him for his fav Nandos! Yum.

After our funfilled day I remember I had a lovely afternoon tea to attend with the girls from work (by this time in the day my back was so painful!) I layed on the couch DEAD! What did my most amazing husband do he made me cinnamon muffins to take to the afternoon tea (we all had to bring a dish) and watered the garden! Can I get anymore lucky?? I'll post some pics of the afternoon tea Terri is so creative and the biggest Tea Lover! She had the best table setting with all handmade tags and a selection if all different teas of the world she is just amazing!

Can't wait for the next afternoon tea!!

Honestly what a great day!

Here are some pics of today and a sneaky one of my hair I am obsessed with this bun donut sponge you use to make your bun perfect looks so elegant and only a few dollars!!


Taylor Morgan said...

hey steph! I just read your comment on my blog and I LOVE my kitchenaid mixer! I have had it for three years now and have never had any problems with it, it's an investment but it's soooo worth it!! I say go for it!

Stephanie Winmill said...

Thanks for replying :) I think I might have to get one I love cooking especially baking and the hand beaters just suck now haha! At least tax time is coming up! Wahoo. I think I'll go the black goes with everything!