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04 January, 2013

Mum's Advice & Tips for a cleaner house

Is it just me or do Mum's always give the best advice for the house!


-Windex and cloth work a treat on dabbing out stains in carpet {i'm pretty clumsy and use this one ALL THE TIME} if the stain is really bad a trick Dave uses is a damp cloth and iron and steaming out the stain works a treat.

-1 cup of white vinegar in your washing machine with nothing else cleans your washing machine the best!

-Soak your tea towels in the laundry tub with washing detergent or powder for 1-2hrs and then wash them in the washing machine they come out brighter than the day you bought them!

-Domestic Cleaner will clean your toilet far better than any commercial toilet cleaner!

-Orange Power is the best shower cleaner you can buy!! and it smells good too.

-White Vinegar on your dish cloth gets rid of sticky dust!

-Most people know this but Dave & I were obviously very slow and didn't even learn this till late last year haha You can put your filters from your range hood in the dishwasher we had been hand washing ours forever.

-Mop your skirting boards gets rid of the dust and you don't have to get on your hands and knees and dust them with a cloth.

Honestly my Mum is the queen of cleaning I love to cook and i'll wash clothes but Dave is a far better cleaner than I even will be he has OCD just like mum for sure! It's definitely awesome for me. Hope some of these tips help you like they did for us.