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17 January, 2013

Handyman Husband: Part 4

Part Four! where has time gone? this post should probably be called creative wifey and I'm sure you'll see Husband "hardly working" in the pictures below. In this project I wanted to create a Guest Bathroom that wasn't going to cost me a fortune but still look cute and obviously helpful for when guests come to stay, we are renting as well so it had to be more about adding colour in the accessories as we couldn't change any of the tiles, paint etc. I found the typography in the frame from pinterest and nothing cost over $5-$10 I found some good bargains the frame was only $4 it was probably my favourite find apart from my yellow stool I painted which you can read more about over here. How cool are the guest toothbrushes as well I found them on pinterest and ended up tracking them down on Amazon here they came from America and only took 6days to get here so fast! I love Amazon they are always so reliable. Well Without further ado here it is...

Take Note: my painting towel... husband's beloved rabbitoh's haha one day he'll get me back lucky this is his old one and he has a new one now!

What do you think?? Ps we also discovered the best way to clean the shower head as we don't use this shower unless guests are here its easy to have limescale build up and CSLR isn't that cheap we ended up using white vinegar in a large freezer bag and tied it around the shower head with twist tie wire and left in on for a couple days it now looks brand new!!