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16 January, 2013

A table in the corner in another cafe: #3

Vintage Espresso!

I can see why everyone has a thing for vintage inspired interiors, clothes, jewellery and basically anything vintage its cute! I've never personally been into it but my mother in law loves it so it's always nice appreciating the collectables she owns. Dave was a little annoyed with this coffee shop it had so many flies inside so we couldn't admire the decor around us we ended up sitting outside but the table was so wonky so we really didn't get to take in the atmosphere. The coffee was pretty average which was disappointing I did love their coffee cups though haha! I guess this coffee shop would be nice if you were up that way but I can't say I would go out of my way to visit anytime soon.

We did try to find "Black coffee lyrics" but with no luck and the opening times are more at night time as surfers is mainly open at that time anyway so we've decided for now to scrap it off our list although I have heard amazing things about this cafe I don't have any desire at all to go to surfers at night. We have instead added two more cafes to our list one of which I have already visited but it definitely warrants a first time visit for Dave it's called "Blackboard Coffee" which is actually very local for me! and another place that has alot of buzz about is "Skull and bones Espresso Boutique"in Mermaid which i'm personally looking very forward too! Don't forget to let us know if you think a cafe is worth trying we are always up for trying new places send us an email or let us know on our Facebook page which is over here.