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05 February, 2013

They Say The Darnest Things

Life has been a little on the crazy side lately, we now have a beautiful new niece Zahli Erin she is so cute and tiny we have so much love for her already! Dave unfortunately woke up with Bells Palsy the other week but is now showing great signs of recovery which is awesome it has not been an easy time for him :( but at least its getting better. We have a new niece due anyday now which we are all very very very excited to meet and definitely feeling impatient seriously why does 9months take so long to become an Auntie again?! We are so blessed to have so many nephews and nieces now they are so cute and so much fun and they always say the darnest things as Dave always says. Also we have added new tools to our collection for our future blog posts cause we just can't get enough of teaching  Dave how to use a hammer, now an electric sander and soon to be a drill lookout Handyman World my Husband is coming! Our unit has changed a little bit too so I will leave you with some pictures :) Next project is coming up another "Creative Wifey" is in the process which I am very excited to share with you all very soon. Stay Tuned...

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