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05 February, 2013

A table in a corner of another cafe #4

Gov's Espresso used to be a nursery in place I wish they still had like a veggie patch kinda thing in there but the giant sandpit is pretty awesome! This is another vintage style cafe with mix match antique furniture very relaxed vibe with the music and coaches. The guys are so friendly we even got extra banana bread which was amazing! The coffee tasted a little watered down though it was pretty bitter maybe it was just today, we really needed coffee too so was a little disappointing :( Here is a few pics of the place pretty cool spot we probably won't go back as its not really our style but i'd recommend getting the banana bread if you love the vintage style its a lovely spot to relax.

 photo CB68DA04F71B83E14D1FE2600D1C3D6E_zps0f67cb7f.png