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21 February, 2013

Neighbours Awaits Wifey

Holidays await us... if only they were sooner! how much of a relief is paying for your holiday months in advance, that means from here on out all my money saved goes to SHOPPING!! and I cannot wait. We are off to Sydney for the state of origin and then flying from Sydney to Melbourne for a belated second honeymoon. I can't believe that in May it will have been a year since Dave & I became Hubby & Wifey!! sometimes it feels like we've been married for years and years it is coming up to our 5year anniversary though thats half a decade it has to count somehow! We are super excited to be going back to Melbourne it was our first time there on our honeymoon last year and WE LOVED EVERY MINUTE I remember how much I didn't even want to come home. This year though (hubby doesn't know it yet) but I am totally going on the Neighbours tour yep I'm one of those Touristy loving annoying people who can't get enough of getting my camera out and trying to blend in with every other dork too, and yes I said neighbours I can just picture you all screwing up your face at disgust :) I will make sure I do a special post so you guys don't miss out!!!! I also want to check out some homewares stores as the Gold Coast lacks a lot of them unfortunately. If anyone has any suggestions of places to eat, shop, homewards stores, or anything awesome for us to see/do please let us know we love trying new things. We are definitely going back to "Meat & Wine Co" we are just slightly entirely obsessed with the place. Feel free to leave your suggestions on our facebook page or via email Thanks! Have a great weekend everyone.

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